Hey Everyone!! Times are different with COVID-19 and we are adapting. All appointments conducted through the month of April will be done remotely. The experience and quality is exactly the same (maybe even better). If you choose a 2 hour intro session, please leave 4 business days to allow for mailing wedges for your session. You will also be asked to provide images prior to your session. All detailed instructions provided when your appointment is booked.

Thanks and see you on the inter webs!! -Ashlee and Monica


First-time visits have two options:

Either option can be done in person or through Skype/FaceTime/Zoom

Option 1

Dip Your Toes In (Pun intended :-))

Best If:

You are a mover of any kind who wants to work on something specific and has the language to do so


You like to take things slowly and/or get overwhelmed with a lot of information.

You just want to check it out.

What we will do:

An hour introduction based on your needs. Do you have a movement issue you’ve been dealing with? We can begin to understand the possible causes. Do you move a lot but just need another set of eyes to help improve your movement? We can do that too.

Disclaimer: This option is not a ton of time. Set your expectations for change accordingly. 1 hour $85


Option 2


Best If (but not limited to):

You are interested in learning as much as possible about how you move and don’t move

You have a long history of accidents/injuries/surgeries

You have an acute issue like current pain and you would like a possible alternative to surgical intervention

You’ve tried other interventions and are looking for a completely different approach

You like a lot of details and information about things

What We Will Do:

1) Full body mapping

a) static structure assessment (how you currently stand)

b) moving assessment (what’s missing in your movement?)

c) connect history to current issue, if there is one.

d) understand your movement patterns and habits

2) Build a movement plan

3) Video(s) of the movements we come up with as homework

4) Email follow-up

Disclaimer: This is a lot of information. Some people LOVE details, others don’t. It’s all good. 2 hours $175



Existing clients can book a follow-up session at $85 an hour, with packages available.


About AiM:

Anatomy in Motion or AiM is an assessment tool. It is the creation of Gary Ward, author of What The Foot?

The Flow Motion Model™is the roadmap for your body’s movement in all three planes of motion during the gait cycle. From heal strike to toe off it is possible to determine where every joint in your body should be in every plane of motion. That is a lot of possibility. Are you accessing all this possibility?

Using this ‘map’ will help us to see what is missing in your body. It is the lens through which we will look to decide your very specific needs and goals and create a plan.

Most likely your plan will involve an integrated approach with other modalities after a thorough AiM assessment is complete.

Click the picture below for AiM website.