About Me

The Technical Stuff
My name is Ashlee Cooper. I have been the owner of Reforming Movement (formerly North Hills Pilates) since 2009. My trainings and certifications, in no particular order, include: AiM Finding Centre Immersion (3 times so far, it’s my main practice since 2016), Pilates Certification Center, Polestar Pilates, Pilates Method Alliance Certified Practitioner, DNS Exercise Level 1, NKT Level 1 and 2, The Franklin Method, Scolio-Pilates, Pilates for MS, Pilates for Parkinson’s.
My Philosophy
Your body belongs to you. It is yours and you own it. You move it, you rest it, you treat it well, or not. You and you alone are responsible for it. And my guess is that no one has told you that you are going to have to “fix” it yourself.
Nobody else can fix you. No one. Sorry. Chances are you are dealing with a recurring or chronic problem. You’ve maybe even been here and there (doctors, pt’s, chiro’s, massage, etc) trying figure it out. But, your knee pain, or back pain, or wrist pain didn’t “just happen”.  I can assure you, you’ve been working on receiving that pain signal for a while.
The exception to this is an injury, of course. If you fell yesterday, all your bits may hurt today as a result. Otherwise, what you are feeling is your doing (it is YOUR body, isn’t it?). You moved your way into it and you will have to move your way out of it. Ignorance will no longer be an excuse. I hear A LOT of “but I didn’t know.” I know, I didn’t either. But now I do, so off I go. And educating you is where I aim to help.
My plan is not to retain you, but to set you free.  My job is to show you the way.  However, you will have to own it and do the work. You will have to work on yourself, you will have to notice yourself, you will have to experience yourself, you will have to BE yourself. Not everyone is up for it, and that’s ok too. But if you are, we are going to have a fabulous time!
Why The Change?
I get asked a lot about making the change from owning a Pilates studio to, not. After all, Pilates has become fairly well known. It’s pretty easy to gain clients when you are offering something people are actually looking for. Why would I go from offering a recognizable brand to not? Was I crazy?
For almost 8 years, I owned North Hills Pilates. People came, I taught classes and did the repertoire from A to Z and then sent those people on to the rest of their day or life. But something wasn’t right. Most people came with histories of injuries, surgeries, structural deviations from birth, you name it, almost everyone has a story and something that affects their movement. I questioned whether any one set of “exercises” could really improve someones movement. For example, I taught “foot work” every class and yet people still continued to develop bunions, or struggle with plantar fasciitis or tendonitis or neuromas. That’s just an example in the feet, don’t get me started on knees and hips and shoulders and wrists. You get the idea. I started studying other modalities. I read and worked tirelessly to understand anatomy and movement and pain and just, everything. I applied these things to my Pilates teaching through out the years but still, something wasn’t right. Then there was the image thing. People care an awful lot about what they look like and there is a conception around what Pilates will do for your looks. And I grew to resent it, DEEPLY. Then while in a week long training in May of 2016, I literally woke up on a Thursday and decided I would do it all differently.
If you don’t like what you’re doing, change it! Simple, not crazy.