Welcome to Reforming Movement

Have you been dealing with a chronic issue?

Maybe you are contemplating surgical intervention or have had surgery but still the pain or limitation persists?

Have you been chasing symptoms of pain or discomfort all around your body?

Here’s the thing, the pain is not the problem. The pain is only the signal of the problem. It is actually most likely that the problem originates well away from the pain. The issue with traditional therapies is that if you go in complaining of a shoulder problem, you will have your shoulder looked at. This seems reasonable to most. Except your shoulder lives on an ENTIRE structure and it’s function is completely dependent on the joints above it or below it to be moving optimally as well. 

When you walk (ideally) you move every bone/joint in your body through every possible motion that joint has available to it. That’s a lot of movement! If you have a compensated strategy due to injury, habit or lifestyle, it has a ripple effect throughout your whole system. All your bits are dependent on the ones above and below to be doing their thing. Using the Anatomy In Motion Flow Motion Model, we will assess all the joints in your structure, both statically and in motion. When we assess the movements that are missing we can work on creating efficiency and ease by moving back into those places. Giving your body options. Getting you unstuck.

Hey Everyone!! Times are different with COVID-19 and we are adapting. All appointments conducted through the month of April will be done remotely. The experience and quality is exactly the same (maybe even better). If you choose a 2 hour intro session, please leave 4 business days to allow for mailing wedges for your session. You will also be asked to provide images prior to your session. All detailed instructions provided when your appointment is booked.

Thanks and see you on the inter webs!! -Ashlee and Monica