What to Expect

On your first visit…

your structure and your movement will be assessed. You will stand while we observe together the current placement of your bones and your ability to move them. Can you move your pelvis in all three planes? Can you move your spine to the left, right, bend, extend? How about your head and neck? Your walking gait may be filmed and a full assessment of your foot structure will be taken. Also, can you breathe? Most people assume that they can because, after all, they are standing before me, alive. But there is a difference between just surviving and really breathing.
Then, based on these assessments we will make a movement plan that combines improving your every day movement along with your goals (reduce pain, perform better, etc).
Please bear in mind that the look and feel of your first visit could vary. For example, in an instance of acute pain or a physical limitation such as a wheelchair, the session may look different. The successful client will come eager to learn and play. The body is an amazing thing and sometimes the answer is buried under layers of compensations. We will peal back the layers by moving through them. The time it takes to make change is up to you.
I only offer Private appointments. There are no classes. First time appointments require 90 min for the full assessment described above and is $125. A follow-up private appointment is $70 for an hour with packages available.