Welcome to Reforming Movement

We are all born with the same basic movement potential. We all hit milestones of movement before we get to the ultimate goal, to walk. Some of us get there sooner or later, efficiently or compensated but ultimately, we get there. You were created and designed to walk, that’s it. It’s the movement you do more than any other throughout your life.

Even if you live a sedentary life, it IS the MOVEMENT you do most.

When you walk (ideally) you move every bone/joint in your body through every possible motion that joint has available to it. That’s a lot of movement! If you have a poor strategy due to injury, habit or lifestyle, it has a ripple effect throughout your whole system. All your bits are dependent on the ones above and below to be doing their thing. When we assess the movements you have trouble accessing we can work on creating efficiency and ease by moving into and out of those places. While you are here we will work together to remind your body of its design. We will create an integrated plan for you to heal yourself and move forward.

What We Do